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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

New TYT Mobile Transceiver the TH-9000D

New TYT Mobile Transceiver the TH-9000D

TYT have just announced the replacement model for the popular TH-9000 and have renamed it the TH-9000D

There will be 3 models, the TH-9000D VHF model covering 133 to 174MHz,    click here

the TH-9000D 220  which covers 220 to 260MHz  click here and

the TH-9000D UHF that covers 400 to 490MHz Click Here

Prices will be around $150 a unit.

Monday, May 12, 2014

TYT TH-9000 to be discontinued

TYT have been forced to suspend the production of the TH-9000 single band mobile transceiver due to losing a court case in China and the lawyers now have a USA attorney enforcing the action against USA dealers, we will have to comply with this court order and have a limited amount of time to comply so we have reduced the price to clear inventory to below cost.